Mechanical Clock Movement Installation Preparations

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Mechanical Clock Movement Installation Preparations

Mechanical Clock Movement Installation Preparations include getting the new movement out of the box, removal of packing material and getting the movement ready for installation.

Cable Driven

When you receive the new unit, you may or may not have orange clips over the plastic cable drum covers if its a cable driven unit. These are so the cable underneath the cover will not jump over itself, and get all tangled up. They are on with just a friction fit and just pull off of each cable drum. The clear plastic over the cable drum stays on the movement, this is so the cable will not jump the line and end up crossing itself. The brightly colored clips would be over the clear drum and that is what gets removed only.

Chain Driven

The chains may have fallen off the movement completely during shipping, this is how to reinstall them. Take note on the chains there is one end with a tab and the other with a hook. The hook side is what attaches to the weight, and so this goes on the side of the ratchet that does not spin. In other words the ratchet wheel on the movement spins one way and not the other. So the chain gets looped over the ratchet wheel so the hook side of the chain goes down on the side of the ratchet that will not spin. It is fine to flip the movement upside down or whatever you need to do to get this done.

Mechanical Clock Movement Installation Preparations - Install Pendulum Leader

A pendulum assembly on a German mechanical clock movement consists of three components. These three components are the pendulum itself, the leader it hangs on, and the suspension that the leader hangs on. Lets explain some terminology quick. The leader is the pendulum guide that the pendulum hangs on to, and also the leader is what hangs on the suspension spring way up top. The suspension spring is the little wig waggy thing about 3/4 of an inch long way up at the top of the movement. Now we know the terms lets proceed. There is a black plastic cover on the suspension spring sometimes upon the arrival of a new movement, take this off and you do not need it. Now remove the suspension spring by removing its thumb screw. Drop the suspension spring down and hook the leader to it. Now bring both the leader and the suspension spring back up and install the suspension again, but with the leader on it. Assuming you know to put the leader to be engaged with the crutch that swings back and forth on the back of the movement. Now the leader and suspension spring is correct and your ready to put the movement into the clock case.

Put movement on the seat board with the cables or chains hanging down in between the seat board as it was before. Screw the screws in and make it finger tight and then a little more with a flat screw driver. This concludes this section on Mechanical Clock Movement Installation Preparations.

how to mount a mechanical clock movement

Trim and moon dial off

how to mount a mechanical clock movement

Sometimes the hood slides off

how to mount a mechanical clock movement

Removed with dial attached

how to mount a mechanical clock movement

Another hood that slides

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