Removing Hermle Quartz Movement

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Removing Hermle Quartz Movement

Removing Hermle Quartz movement can be tricky as there is not a typical 6 sided nut to take the unit out of the clock like most situations. Instead they used a nut that is slotted on either side of the hand shaft itself to secure the Hermle Quartz movement to the back of the clock dial.

Sometimes removing the clock movement is done a different way. If the movement is mounted to the dial by double sided sticky tape it is needed to pry the movement off the back of the dial and hopefully leaving the dial in tact while doing it.

  1. Remove the second hand. Pull it straight and it will come off.
  2. Take off the minute hand nut, just turn the nut to the left when holding the hand still.
  3. Take off the hour hand, its friction fit only, twist and pull toward you.
  4. There is a nut holding the movement. Its tricky as it has two slots on either side of it. Sometimes its on tight. What we do here is just use two big flat screw drivers, put one on each side of the hand shaft in the nut and turn both together as the same time to the left. Careful not to scratch the dial, this is easy to slip and do.
  5. The movement will fall out of the back.

Now that you are done successfully Removing Hermle Quartz Movement from the clock case, you are ready to determine the best alternate substitute movement for a working clock

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