Identification on Mason Sullivan clock movements

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Identification on Mason Sullivan clock movements

The numbers on the brass back plate of the Mason and Sullivan clock movement is where we need to start with the identification, so we can determine the proper replacement.

The Mason and Sullivan number system is not so helpful determining things, but once you convert the movement number to what it really is, we can know everything there is to know about the movement.

With the converted number, it can tell us all about the movement. In fact you need not really know anything but that converted number. If you ever need a part, that converted number is what we need to get it for you.

The converted number will tell us the movement plate size, the hand shaft length, the hammer location, if the clock is spring driven or weight driven. It will tell us the chime type like Westminster or triple chime, gong or bell. It will also tell us the length of the pendulum that will keep time on the clock movement. We will know what the weights are supposed to weigh if its weight driven and even if the weights hang on cables or chains.

If you do get the new movement, it will come already oiled and ready to go. If its weight driven it will come with its chains or cables with the pulleys. If the movement is the pendulum version it will come with its leader and suspension spring also.

We provide instructions for installation and we support what we sell. We have been clock makers for over 100 years in this family, we will answer questions that may arise even year after the manufacturer says its out of warranty at no charge. Basically if you ever need help, just ask the question and you will have a response, not only a response but the correct and also honest response. If you have not noticed yet, it is not an easy thing to find.

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