Mason-Sullivan clock movement Identification

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Mason-Sullivan clock movement Identification

If the movement says Mason and Sullivan it does not mean it has a Mason-Sullivan movement number. Often the use of their own numbering system was on the clock movements. This was done in the later years of the Mason and Sullivan company history. Generally speaking, it is best to match up the ID numbers on the clock movement identification chart if not already done. If the clock movement number ends with an X, then the Mason and Sullivan chart page is the right place to be. If the number does not end with an X, please refer back to the clock movement identification chart.

Why convert the number

For the most part, the Mason and Sullivan number system is not helpful to determine what the movement is. After the conversion everything will be known about the movement and who made it. In the long run, this will allow for the purchase of parts or a replacement movement precise and accurate. Moreover, the conversion number will tell us the movement plate size, hand shaft length, hammer location and more.

How the new one comes

The new movement ships the same or next business day already with fresh oil and ready for installation. If it is weight driven it will come with chains or cables. If the movement is a pendulum version it will come with the leader and suspension spring.


Clockworks provides the instructions for installation and also support for the clock movement. This family has a combination of over 100 years as clock makers. Questions and problems are taken care of even after the manufacturer says it's out of warranty. Basically if you need help just ask. There are not many clock makers around anymore, so you will not only get a response but it will be correct and what makes the most financial. The manufacturer warranty is three years on a new clock movement.


Identification of the Mason and Sullivan clock movement is the first step. It will grant the customer the ability to shop for a movement or components. Without the identification process everything is in the dark so to speak. It is like a secret code that needs to be cracked. It can get confusing but we are here to help. When contacting us the movement number will be the first thing we ask for. If you are having trouble locating it, email a picture along with your question. This way we can see what you have in your clock. Once the movement has the proper identification, it is a good idea to write it down and keep it inside the clock case for future reference. That way this whole process does not need to take place again.

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I have a Mason & Sullivan Long Drop Regulator wall clock Model# 7677 with 3300X Movement. I am trying to locate detailed and illustrated instructions on how to put this clock kit together. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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