If the Cuckoo Will Not Cuckoo

July 21, 2019 9:40 am Published by Leave your thoughts

If the Cuckoo Will Not Cuckoo

This can be a many number of things why the bird will not come out or it will not cuckoo. It may be the same issue as if the bird can’t come out of the door. So check these things and see if it helps the issue.

1. There is a wire above the cuckoo door that locks it into position if the clock is being transported. It just acts as a lever and moves down to prevent the door from opening or up to allow the door to open. Be sure this is out of the way so the door can open.

2. There may be a silence lever if the cuckoo movement is equipped with one. This would be located on your left as you face the front of the clock or your right if you’re looking at the back of the cuckoo clock. If you have the type of cuckoo that has it sticking out of the side of the case, then this is easy. You just have to push it down. Usually up is off and down is on, but it may be different on your clock. Just move it to the opposite direction and see if the clock will cuckoo. If the movement has a silence switch that does not stick outside of the case, you would need to look at the back of the cuckoo with the back panel off. You will see a lever on your right as you face the back of the movement on the top right side. Push it down to activate the cuckoo again. Now keep in mind not all cuckoos have this feature as the manufacturer will sometimes just assume you will silence the cuckoo just by locking the bird door so it will not open.

3. Next thing to check is that there is nothing in the way of the chain that drives the strike side of the clock. One weight controls the time and the other the strike or cuckoo you can say. If there is anything rubbing the chain, such as the wood case, or if there is something preventing the weight from dropping, this will cause it not to cuckoo. Even the side of the chain that there is no weight attached to, that you pull to raise the weight, if this is caught up on something on the loose end it will cause it not to be able to travel in the upward direction and therefore the weight cannot drop to run the cuckoo sound.