Jauch Clock Dial Conversion

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Jauch Clock Conversion Dial Instructions

These are the instructions for the dial to mount to the wood case instead of the movement on a Jauch clock conversion.

If the dial attaches to the movement with four posts coming off the back of, this will have to change.

Clock moon dial mounting

There are two ways the dial mounts to the clock. The best scenario for the conversion is to have the dial attach to the wood case. It will have no interaction with the movement at all except if there is a moon phase.

If the dial attaches to the wood case already it makes this easy. The dial is taken care of and there is nothing else to do with it.

The other half of the time the dial may mount to the movement via four posts on the back.

Dial feet removal if necessary

The four posts need to come off and then drill some small holes into the corners of the dial. The dial would need to attach to the wood case instead of the movement.

The reason is the new movement will not have the holes in the front plate to clip the dial on the movement. Some posts unscrew and some snap off but in some situations you can even use bolt cutters.

Dial back board removal option

A different way is to remove that back blind plate that the face attaches to for the Jauch clock movement conversion. That is the plate the bolts stick out of and is separate from the fancy front face.

They screw or rivet in so just see how it mounts and reverse that method. The risk in doing it this way is bending or scratching the face when doing this. Also if screws or rivets come out it leaves holes in the front face appearance.

The dial makes the clock

The dial on the old Jauch clock movement may be better quality than what is on the market today. If it is a high end clock from back in the day, the dial may be worth treating well.

The dial is what is seen all the time. Its what makes the clock so to speak. So treat the dial well and try not to scratch it up during the conversion. If all goes south we do offer them for the movement kit to replace it.

Jauch Clock Dial Conversion - Handling the Dial

When handling shiny parts like the weights and the dial use gloves to avoid touching the shiny part with the hands. The oils from the skin will eventually make black marks on anything shiny. In addition, these are not delicate but if the corners get hit they curl up and even with correction does not look good.

So just do not let it hit the ground and to not touch the shiny parts with the skin.

Jauch Clock Dial Conversion Moon Phase Interaction

In either situation the moon phase will no longer function if using the dial that is currently on the clock. If insistent on the phase of the moon turning a new dial will have to be bought for the new movement.

Clockworks offers these on the moon dial page. Also, if needing a new moon gear to spin the new moon dial because the old moon gear will not fit.

There is only a handful of customers that are very insistent they have the moon disk spin and usually no one looks at it anyway.

The content of this website is copyright by Clockworks and written by James Stoudenmire in year 2022

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