Jauch Mechanical Clock Movement Availability

July 17, 2019 9:27 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Jauch Mechanical Clock Movement Availability

Jauch Mechanical Clock Movement Availability is zero as they are out of business and nothing is made. However there is still hope for a replacement unit, only if it is a three weight driven movement.

The Hermle clock movements are of equivalent quality and size and have the same functions. These conversion kits are only good for the three weight Jauch floor clock movements. If your Jauch movement is anything other than this it will have to be repaired instead, please email us to set up a repair to [email protected] . If you do have the three weight Jauch movement then your on the correct path to get your clock running again with a brand new Hermle movement conversion kit as described.

If you do have a three weight chain driven movement, made by Jauch, we can do the conversion. However there are some simple things to do for this to happen. The dial has to be attached to the wood case instead of the movement itself this is not hard and is explained. The top hook of your wood stick pendulum would be swapped out (provided). New hands are needed with your new movement (provided). Simple things like this will make the conversion possible and easy to do.

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