Jauch clock movement requirements for conversion

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Jauch clock movement requirements

Jauch clock movement requirements. These are the simple things needed to be done that is unique to Jauch. The rest of the info is typical installation instructions for a three weight floor clock movement and will be emailed upon ordering. Some of the things listed may not even be an issue as your clock dial may already be attached to the wood case instead of being locked into the movement. Also on the larger conversions with a rectangle movement, there is no added weight require for the chime side like it required on the smaller square units.

  • The dial must be attached to the case rather than the movement. There is a 50/50 chance really, sometimes the dial is attached to the case and sometimes it is attached to the movement with dial feet. If it's attached to the movement then you will need to unscrew or chop off the dial feet and attach it to the wood case instead.
  • The replacement for the Jauch clock movement would have to be shimmed higher (Included)
  • New lead weight would be installed into the existing right hand chime weight shell. (Included)
  • The top hook on the pendulum will have to get swapped (Included)
  • The pendulum may or may not have to get shortened. If the clock is too slow, even with the bob all the way up, the pendulum stick must get cut 1 1/2 inches shorter.
  • If you need assistance on replacing the Jauch clock movement you can call 800-381-7458
  • If this does not work out for you and you have the original packaging so it can be resold as new, you can return this kit for a refund.
  • NOTE: The moon dial will no longer function on your clock with this new conversion. It will not spin around like it did, you will need to look outside and see what the moon is doing instead.

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