Kieninger Clock Movement – Why Replace

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Kieninger Clock Movement - Why Replace

The simple and obvious truth is you cannot repair or overhaul a clock movement better than brand new. It just is what it is, this is a fact, the best clockmaker in the world cannot make it better than a brand new unit. A new one costs a fraction of an overhaul and its done right away, same movement, no knock offs. This is an easy decision to get a new one instead of chasing the old one.

To repair an old Kieninger clock movement would cost the same, if not more, than a new movement. The new Kieninger clock movement can ship the same day as the order, costs less money, and is easier to deal with than having the old movement cleaned and overhauled.

Kieninger Clock Movement - Why Replace - we ship from USA the same day you order it, so the time it takes you to get you're clock up and running is very short. A repair can usually take months and then you are still left with a used overhauled movement rather than a new one.

When you receive a new movement it is the same as you're old movement, so all clock components will fit on to the new movement. The cost of a new movement is usually the same if not less than a cleaning on the old unit, and when it's installed it should last another 25-30 years without thinking about replacing or servicing it again. Some new units have bronzed bushings in key wear areas to increase the life of the movement, and on the non-pendulum units the balance has been improved upon for longer life and ease of timing. We here at Clockworks offer only the highest grade mechanical clock movements and they come with a 2 year warranty.

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