Flat-Tapered Quartz Clock Hands #H5

Flat-Tapered quartz clock hands

Flat-Tapered quartz clock hands for the standard "I" shaft battery clock movements. Basically if it takes a battery and you got it from, these will fit. We only carry the "I" shaft units. What this means is the hour hand will have a round hole, and the minute hand will have an oblong hole. The oblong hole just fits over the movements "I" post and than the nut goes on top to hold it down.

Quartz clock hands are measured by the minute hand only, from the mounting hole to the end. The hour hand comes with the pair, but only measuring the minute hand. The hour hand will just come shorter proportionately.

Quartz Clock Hands

Quartz Clock Hands that will fit any battery movement we offer. There are two types of battery clock hands in the world. One is the China standard and one is American standard. The China way of using the hands are with round holes in both the hour and minute hands. An American style has an oblong mounting hole in the minute hand and a round hole for the hour hand that fits what is known as an "I" shaft. All of the hands offered here fit "I" shaft movements only. In other words all of them will fit the quartz movements that we sell.

Quartz clock hand compatibility

When replacing a quartz clock movement, your old hands may fit the new movement just fine. If there is an oblong hole in the minute hand, chances are it will fit. The hour hand will fit the new quartz movement either way. Only the minute hand (the longer of the two hands) is where the concern is. If in doubt, it's best to just get new hands for your new movement upon checking out. This way it will be all set. You will have everything you need for a smooth movement swap out.

How the hands come

These come as a set, but only the minute hand is measured when replacing them. It is measured from the mounting hole to the tip. The shorter hour hand comes with the minute hand and is just proportionally smaller. For larger dials more than 10 inches wide, see our High Torque movement and hands section. Second hands will fit the high torque clock movements however they do not make them very long.

Mounting quartz clock hands

Mounting is easy. The hour hand goes on first as a friction fit. Just twist and push it on. The minute hand has an oblong mounting hole and goes on next. This goes on the "I" shaft top of the hand shaft of the movement with its nut. If you have a second hand you would use the nut with a hole in it. If no second hand is used then you would use the cap style nut so it looks pretty.

How to measure the minute hand