Grandfather Clock Replacement Cable

Grandfather Clock Replacement Cable

This is the original factory replacement Clock Weights cable for German clock movements with installed cable ends. The cables are original and sometimes vary slightly in lengths.

Changing a Clock Cable

Changing a Clock Cable is done when the clock cable is broken and you order a new one from This section describes how to swap out a broken clock cable with a new one. We are referring to post WW2 modern grandfather units of German origin in this section. However all have a similar method no matter what the cable driven clock your working with. The swapping is easy because there is a big hole and a little hole connected on the cable mount. The cable end fits into the big hole, and slides over to seat into the little hole. When locked in, its not going anywhere and seats in secure. This is the same basic theme on both ends of the cable, one slot being in the cable drum itself and the other on the movement.

While the movement is installed

In some few instances the strike or chime cable can be swapped without movement removal. You maybe able to remove the cable and reinstall it because the drums maybe accessible from the side access panels on the side of the case. Removal is done by lifting up the cable from its oblong hole and slide it over to the big side. One side of the cable is easy, the side that is attached to the movement itself. The other side of the cable goes into the drum itself and is removed the same way.

To get to the slot in the drum, you will need to spin it. The cable drum is made to spin in one direction only of course, so spin it until you see the slot for the end. There is a plastic cover over the drum sometimes, this can stay on usually. If you cant get at the drum to spin it and remove the cable, you will need to remove the movement.

Changing a Clock Cable - Movement Removed

Most times it is required to remove the movement from the clock case. This is described in another section. With the movement out it is so much easier. You can flip the movement over and spin the drums to remove the ends. Installation is reverse of course and upon reinstalling the movement its the normal set up of any clock.

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