Clock E Style Washers

E Style Washers

Split washers are similar to C clips as they attach various parts to the movement. These are usually used more on cuckoo clocks. There is 100 mixed sizes in this pack.

Small Springs For Clock Repair

Small Springs

Assortment of small springs that can be used with clocks. These are not made for clocks but are very useful to modify for clock repair.

Clock Clicks with Wires and Rivets

Clicks, Wires & Rivets

The wires are preinstalled on the 6 clicks and come with 6 rivets to attach them to the main wheel. Used on many American 8 day time/strike movements. Use caution and read up first in our Ebook before working with mainsprings.

Clock Clicks & Rivets

Clicks & Rivets

50 Mixed sized clicks and rivets. Clicks hold the mainspring in the coiled position during and after winding the clock. Please use caution when working with mainsprings.