Making the seat board for the clock movement

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Making a Seat Board

A seat board is the mount that the weight driven movement sits upon. The movement sits on this with the cables or chains hanging directly down between the boards.

Many of the modern clocks have this about 16 inches wide and is 2 and a half inches deep but this would vary on the clock case dimensions being worked on. In the center of the mounting board is a hole that is 1 inch wide going across the center of the 2 and a half inch deep seat board.

The hole is wide enough for the movement to sit on the board with its chains hanging down in the center. Then the screws with the rectangle washers seat board screws and washers can go up into the movement’s arbors on the bottom. Even easier would be just to mount two, three quarter or 1 inch square boards running parallel, which are 1 inch apart, across the inside of the clock case, this is really all a mounting board needs to consist of. The only thing that has to happen is the movement is in the air with the chains dangling down in between these boards. The boards just can’t be so wide that the pendulum rubs it on the back of the movement.

With the movement mounting in the air as described all that needs to be done is have the chimeblock mounted on the back of the clock case so the hammers can engage with them and make the chime sound. You will hang the weights and pendulum on the movement obvious places, and lock the dial into the movement from the front.

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