Mechanical Clock Cleaning Service

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Mechanical Clock Cleaning Service Mechanical Clock Cleaning Service is the first step of a movement restoration. The movement needs to have the old oil removed in order to determine where bushings are needed. We shake the gear train up and down to test the movement for potential bushings. A mark is then placed where we find a bushing is needed. If the movement is gummed up with old oil the gears will not move up and down like they should. Therefore a cleaning is always the first step of getting a movement restored.

If sending it in for a cleaning and inspection, we will assess what the movement needs and quote for what further work should be done, if any. If not wanting to have any more work done on the movement despite our recommendations, or if it does not need any, we will oil it and send it back.

Why has the best tooling, cleaning equipment, and cleaning solutions. There is no expense spared by us when it comes to having the best equipment. With this factor and 3 generations of clock repair expertise, rest assure the movement will be in the best hands it can possibly be in.

What we need

We only need the movement. That is all, nothing else. Remove the clock movement from the case and ship it to us. We do not need the clock case, pendulum, weights, chime block, or hands. We need none of these things because we have everything in our stock that is required. The best way to pack the movement is to wrap it, with the handshaft facing up, tightly in a box. Make sure it cannot bounce around in there. Also, do not let packing peanuts get inside the movement. Then pack that box into another box. Packing it in this manner will ensure safe delivery of the movement.

Mechanical Clock Cleaning Service - Pricing

We will take the movement in, unpack it, and then clean it and inspect it for $200. If it passes inspection, we will oil it and test it. If this is all that is needed then the final cost is the $200 plus the shipping back. The initial $200 is non refundable and is the fee for the cleaning, inspection, oiling and testing. If it does not pass inspection, we will contact with what else is going on with the movement and how much it will cost to fix it. Then it is purely up to the customer how they would like to proceed from there.

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25 days ago

Can I use a UltraSonic cleaner to clean the whole Clock mechanism? Both Windup and weights

24 days ago

Thank you
What solutions would you suggest?

2 years ago

I was about to change the chains on my regula a25-84 cuckoo when I noticed a pink plastic clip laying on the bottom of the case. I cannot figure out where it goes. Any sugg ?

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