Mechanical Clock Kit Measurements

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Mechanical Clock Kit Measurements

Mechanical Clock Kit Measurements you would need in order to purchase a new clock movement kit are very basic.

Of course the most ideal is to purchase the kit before you build the clock case as described in another section. But if you did already build a clock case, or your working with a empty clock case for whatever reason, these are the things to measure for the new clock kit to order.

We do tend to push the chat and the emails more than the phones, but in the instance of a clock kit, it maybe best to discuss the final product to help you best. (Reason we push the chat and emails instead typically, is because we get an abundance of calls wondering what key size they need and such things that take up our time needlessly on the phone) Our phone number is 800 381 7458 if you choose to give us a call. So if calling, you can provide any one of these ways of measuring and we can figure out the rest, as long as we know from where to where the measurement is taken.

The Movement

The depth of the clock case is needed, so we can determine if the clock movement is going to fit depth wise or improvise for this if needed. For example, there are usually two hand shaft lengths available, which means that the longer hand shaft movement would sit back more than a short one. There are other things we can do to accommodate shallow or deep depth cases such as hammer location, but either way we need that depth measurement. This can be measured from the front glass to the wooden back of the clock case.

The Pendulum

Measure the width of the inside of the clock case base where the pendulum will swing back and forth. This is needed so we can determine the appropriate pendulum bob diameter that will allow it to swing in the case without hitting the sides. We will also need the length of the pendulum that would look good in the clock case. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as from the bottom of where the movement will sit all the way down to the bottom of the pendulum rating nut threads, ideally) is one way. Another way is from the hand shaft and all the way down, and still another way is from the top of the movement and all the way down. We can go by any one of these ways, as long as we know from where its being measured were good.

The Dial

The dial area is important also. We need to know about your ideal dial, what you would like to see in there, and we will tell you what you can get instead usually. This is because of the so many dials that are obsolete and not available, if its atypical in the slightest it maybe an issue getting it. So we need to know the measurement from side to side and up and down, even if there will be a hump on the top with or with out the moon phase, we need it from bottom most point to the top most point. Usually there is some trim around the dial and this is a good thing to fill gaps if the clock dial is not big enough for the clock case as it is.

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