Mechanical Clock Pendulum Installation

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Mechanical Clock Pendulum Installation

Mechanical Clock Pendulum Installation is done by these steps. Just an interesting point first, typically pendulum makers are not movement makers and these two things are married together by a person or place such as instead of the movement manufacturer. This is interesting because it explains why there can be so many variants of pendulums available for one movement. Options for the material the pendulum is made of such as a brass rod, wood stick, or metal lyre style as far as what its made out of. Then you have what bob diameter to get for the clock case so it both looks good and at the same time no t wack the sides of the case. The length of the pendulum has to be close to time range length dictated by the movements internal gearing, the top hook has to be in a way to hook up to the movements pendulum leader also. Why is all this mentioned? Because sometimes an old pendulum will not hook to the new movement the same way as it did in the past and you may or may not need a new top hook for the pendulum. Also mentioned so it is clear that any old pendulum will not just work in the clock unless your really just that lucky. The pendulum and the movement sort of need to be married by me or you to get the right one.

If the new pendulum leader is not installed, you will need to put the pendulum leader onto its suspension spring and hang it on the back of the clock. This is done by removing the set screw on the top of the suspension spring. With this set screw out, you can lower the suspension spring and hook on the leader hook to the bottom of the suspension spring and bring it back up to original position. Reinstall the set screw and then Hang the pendulum onto its pendulum leader.

These are the steps at this point

  • 1. Make it run, by putting in beat
  • 2. Install the hands
  • 3. Adjust the chime hammers
  • 4. Make it chime
  • 5. Set the hands to time
  • 6. Make it strike

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