Modern 1161-Series Clock Anchor Height Issue

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Modern 1161-Series Clock Anchor Height Issue

Symptoms would be a clock that runs too fast. The clock pendulum does not have a wide swing to it. The clock has the right pendulum length but it is too fast for adjustment on the rating nut threads.

The cause is the anchor height

The new style 1161-series does not have an adjustable anchor height adjustment on the movement. However it does still need to be adjusted when the clock ticks more than one tooth at a time. When not observed usually the clock will go tick tick - tock tock instead of the usual tick tock. This is caused from the anchor being set too high in the escapement. Anchor looks just like an anchor on a boat sort of and it resides on a arbor going from front to back of the movement plates. The adjustment on this is sort of harsh but it works. The idea is to put the anchor deeper into the teeth of the escape wheel.

1161-series caution note

Remove the clock weight before messing with these components. If the weight is on the clock when manipulating the height of the escapement anchor bad things happen. What happens is if the anchor goes to high at any point of the adjustment the escape wheel will do a crazed spin fast and wild. When you put the anchor back down some to correct this, the teeth on the escape wheel will be damaged. With a loud crunch the anchor reengages with the escape wheel and stops it violently and the escapement is rendered useless.

The new style verses the old

On the older units there is a small plate holding the anchors arbor, and this plate is secured with oblong holes. The hole are oblong so the screws that hold the plate get loosened and slide the plate up or down as needed. The new style does not have this feature and instead have just a plate with the pivot hole and a post coming out for the suspension. The post is on a brass plate but this plate does not have oblong holes in the screw holes so is not adjustable in height.

The solution

Bend down the arbor with the anchor, down slightly. Use needle nose pliers for this, just a slight twist so it is bent down more. This will have the anchor engage deeper into the escape wheel and correct the issue. It will make the pendulum swing wider and also make the clock tick and tock one time per rocking back and forth. If it goes too low, it will not let the escape wheel spin at all.

1161-Series Clock Anchor Height Conclusion

The modern 1161-Series clock anchor height issue is a rare thing that happens. It is not common for the plate to be stamped in a way the height is too high up, but it does happen. The fix is fast and easy although it may seem like a harsh thing to do. If everything goes south we have those plates and the post up top in stock. In fact all parts for this are available from

Modern 1161-Series Clock Anchor Height Issue

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