German Seth-Thomas Clock Movements

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German Seth-Thomas Clock Movements

German Seth-Thomas clock movements are still available. Finding a new movement starts with the identification numbers off the back plate. The numbers need to be converted because they did not make any movements after 1950. Instead they were made by Hermle of Germany with the ST number system and ST name instead. So really its a Hermle in disguise and ST only marketed the clocks. The used the Seth Thomas name on the Hermle movements and married them to its clock case.

How to order

The first step in replacing a >Seth Thomas clock movement is to get the numbers off of the back plate. If it starts with the letter A such as A401-003 then it is a ST number and must be converted. Find the number in the list and get the new number and write this number down. After writing the number down click that converted number to get to the right movement. will ask you what options are needed and this is when you refer to the number you wrote down.

Do not completely trust the chart

The above instructions work as a guide only. This chart unfortunately is often wrong and is only used as a basic guide to what series the movement is only. The rest of the attributes it is best to double check the accuracy such as CM lengths and hand shaft lengths. Please email us with the ST number information so we can verify the charts accuracy. Our email address is [email protected] and we would love to help.


Getting the new movement is better than even the best repair. These are 25 year movements and Seth Thomas was gone over 40 years ago.

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