Ordering Mechanical Clock Hands

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Mechanical Clock Hands

The German mechanical clock hands are sold by the time track diameter. When ordering these mechanical clock hands, you will need this measurement. The dial diameter is the measurement of the time track, and this means from just outside the 9 to just outside the 3. For example, if this explained time track diameter is 6 inches, you would order hands for a 6 inch time track in the option list. When you get the hands for a 6 inch time track you will have a minute hand about 2 7/8 long from the mounting hole to the end. The proportionally smaller hour hand will come with the minute hand. This is a vastly different way of measuring than the quartz clock hands.

Ordering Hands

After getting the time track diameter measurement as explained, its time to choose a style of hand. On the style you choose, drop down the option menu and see if your measurement is listed. Remember, the minute hand will come a little less than half of this time track measurement.

How they are sent

Comes as a pair, hour and minute hand both. Ships the next business day from Clockworks.com in Huntington MA USA, via the method you chose upon checkout.

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