Quartz Clock Movement Accessories

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Quartz Clock Movement Accessories

The following are accessories that fit the quartz clock movements that Clockworks offers. There are many different types of quartz movements on the market, hence we specifically state these items are for the movements that we sell. Of course Clockworks encourages organizations to offer clock building as a fun project. Therefore, each product is available with bulk pricing for schools and other large orders. Please email the request for a quote on bulk purchases.

Quartz Clock Pendulum

Quartz Clock Pendulum

Quartz clock pendulum that will work on any battery operated pendulum unit offered by Clockworks. A Quartz Clock Pendulum Bob is the round disk at the bottom of the quartz clock pendulum. In fact, these quartz pendulum bobs come in three different sizes to choose from. First, measure out the length of the rod that is appropriate for the clock. Then, slide it on the end of the pendulum rod.

Item #Q-BOB

Q-BOB: $6.00$8.00

Quartz Clock Steel Hanger

Quartz Clock Steel Hanger

This is a steel hanger for quartz clock movements. Thus, hang the clock on the wall by this steel hanger instead of by the clock case. Specifically, these hangers fit AA battery movements only. So simply install it by slipping it over the hand shaft post.

Item #Q-HANG

Q-HANG: $0.40

Quartz Clock Movement Hardware

Quartz Clock Movement Hardware

Quartz clock movement hardware for time only clock movements that run by a battery. Of course all movements that Clockworks sells includes a hardware packet. However it is always good to have extras on hand in case a cap nut gets lost. So all hardware packs include a rubber washer, a brass washer, a hex nut, a doughnut, and a cap nut. Additionally, these hardware packs are for posts that have threads which are 5/16 in diameter only. In other words, it is what the hex nut will screw onto, the 5/16 wide post.

Item #Q-HW

Q-HW: $0.75

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