Quartz Clock Movement Definitions of Terms

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Quartz-Battery Clock Movement Definitions

Of course, can easily replace a movement by familiarizing with these simple terms and words. These Quartz clock movement definitions are the most common phrases and meanings related to the

Clock Dial

Dial =

The clock face that the battery movement post will go through is a dial. This is the face of the clock with the numbers on it. Dials are available in two styles, Arabic (regular) numbers, or Roman (XII for 12) numbers. Dials also come in many shapes and sizes. Larger dials may require a High Torque clock movement instead of a Low Torque unit. A High Torque unit is mandatory when the dial is over 10 inches wide. This is measurement is from outside the 9 directly across the face to outside the numeral 3. This is the time track diameter.

Quartz Clock Movement Definitions of Terms

Post =

The post is the part that has the threads that mount the movement to the back of the dial with a hex nut on the front. They all come 5/16 wide, except for the QU22 unit. The QU22 has a 7/16 wide post, unlike the rest of the quartz units. The lengths are variable and are chosen upon ordering the clock movement.

Quartz movement clock Hex Nut

Hex Nut =

A six sided nut, this is the nut that attaches to the post threads that go through the dial from the back to the front. It secures the movement to the back of the clock dial. This should be tightened enough so the movement will not turn if the clock case gets moved.

Quartz Clock Steel Hanger

Hanger =

Included, but optional in use, is the steel part that allows the clock to hang on the wall. This slips over the post with the threads before the movement mounts to the back of the dial. Therefore would have the hanger at the top of the movement and will allow it to be hung on the wall. Usually made of steel, they are sometimes aluminum. All of the time only quartz clock movements will come with this hanger, but not all of the pendulum units.

Quartz Hands

Quartz Clock Movement Definitions - Hands

Sometimes called pointers, needles, arms or hands, these are the things that point to the time. In short, the hour and minute indicators that tell what time it is. Therefore, to order the clock hands, measure the length of the minute hand. Measure from the center of the mounting hole to the end of the minute hand. Similarly, the hour hand is proportionally smaller and comes with the minute hand as a set. Moreover, the minute hands we sell for the quartz units have an oblong mounting hole and the hour hand has a round hole. This is known as the American standard "I" shaft style. Comparatively, China uses a different style. Their style has a round mounting hole in both the hour and the minute hand. All of our American style quartz clock hands fit all the quartz clock movements we sell. They are the standard "I" shaft as described.

Quartz Second hand

Quartz Clock Movement Definitions - Second Hands

The optional skinny pointer that ticks out the seconds. The mount on the quartz second hands are just a press and friction fit. There is a post that sticks out of the backside to mount it. This tube fits over a pin that is inside of the quartz clock movement hand shaft post. Thus, the second hand post fits down into the end of the hand shaft and mounts via friction fit. There are two styles of time only quartz clock movements, step motion and continuous sweep motion. So the step unit will run this second hand in a jumpy one second interval. Then the continuous sweep movement runs the second hand in a fine, constant scrolling sweep motion around the dial instead.

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