Quartz clock movement measuring

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Quartz clock movement measuring

Quartz clock movement measuring is done by measuring the post that sticks out the movement, that goes through the dial and attaches with a hex nut. The hex nut is a 6 sided nut that secures the movement to the back of the clock dial face.

How to measure quartz clock movement post

When replacing a quartz clock movement it is done this way, you will need to measure the post on the old unit, so you can match it up with your new chiming quartz movement.
The post is the part that goes through the dial (face) and mounts from the front.

This method of measuring the unit is done with all clockworks.com quartz movements including chiming quartz, time only quartz

The sequence of installation of these fine quartz clock movement is done by these steps. First you put the hanger on the new movement if it has this option, then comes the rubber washer next. Both go over that fat post that sticks out the front of the movement. Then the movement goes through the back of the dial toward the front of the dial, so the fat threaded post sticks out the front of the dial some. Then you put the hex nut on to secure the movement to the back of the clock dial. Now you have the movement secured to the dial and only need to put the hands on. The hour hand goes on as a friction fit just twist and push. The minute hand has an oblong hole and this goes onto the oblong shaft that stick out of the fat threaded post that takes the hex nut. The minute hand goes on, and its nut holds the minute hand on the post. The movements come with two different minute hand nuts actually, one is a cap nut if no second hand is used, the other one is a doughnut style and this is to be used if there is a second hand involved. The intent is to use one nut, and toss out the other. Now you have the clock mounted with the hands installed. If there is a second hand this goes on just by a friction fit, last. Just stick it in the hole at the end of the hand shaft as a friction fit. Point the hands to whatever time it is and your done.

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