Removing the Mechanical Clock Hands

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Removing Mechanical Clock Hands

Removing Mechanical Clock Hands is fast and easy to do. The following are instructions for German mechanical movements post WW2 hand removal.

German Post WW2 wall, mantle and floor models

Turn the hand nut to the left while holding the minute hand with your fingers. Some small needle nose pliers may be needed to loosen the nut first. Once the nut is loose, you can turn it with your fingers until it comes off. The minute hand will be able to wiggle straight off its square arbor and off of the clock. The hour hand is a friction fit, so just twist the hour hand back and forth and pull toward you until it comes off. If you have a second hand bit, that is only a friction also, so just grab it with your fingernails and pull toward you.

American Antique time and strike

These type of movements come in two styles. if there is a minute hand nut, the first style is the same as above. Be very careful not to lose this hand nut. They are very hard to find and replace. The second style will have a pin holding the minute hand on instead of a nut. This pin is tapered, meaning it's fat on one side and skinny on the other usually. Just grab the fat side with needle nose pliers and yank the pin out. The minute hand will fall out with a washer. Save the washer and the pin for ease of reinstalling the hands.

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