Why Replace American time strike clock movement?

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Why Replace American time strike clock movement?

Why Replace American time strike clock movement is because oil becomes a solid instead of a liquid. When clock oil gets old, it gets solid. Solid or semi-solid oil, creates wear. Wear is evident in the movement’s outer brass plate holes and also the pivots that spin inside of them.

The pivots try to spin the best they can, but the solid clock oil is an abrasive rather than a lubricant and the hole they are spinning inside of become oblong instead of round.

The pivot ends get worn and marked up, they also get pinched in the oblong holes, and have no lubrication. The gears mesh together too much as the holes in the plates are stretched out, and the clock ceases to function.

Overall the clock has too much resistance in the movement to function under the power of the mainsprings. Also the mainsprings may end up stuck in the coiled position. In other words if you were to take the mainspring out of the clock movement, where it used to expand to 1 or 2 feet uncoiled, now it expands 6 inches or something. These measurements are just an approximate guess, but you get the point. Basically stuck in the coiled position instead of expanding to a large length. In the clock maker world we call this the mainspring is SET, in other words just shot in general. It is a myth about over winding a clock, this is just not the situation, but it is possible that if its wound all the way up and left that way for 10 or 20 years, it sort of gets used to being that way and ends up being SET.

With all this work that is required to restore the movement to original functioning status, the repairs are expensive. If the clock maker was cutting corners or not overhauling the movement correctly in the past, his botched repairs could create even more issues and ultimately render the clock movement not repairable in some extreme instances also.

The movements we offer on this page are made in India instead of America. These are sold as replacement unit for the American units that are too worn out to keep chasing. These units are not the same quality, you can think of them as 10-15 year movements instead of the very long life your clock movement lived. When it comes time the new India movement you installed is shot, you replace again instead of repairing it.

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