Timing clock movement 132-071 ships bell unit by Hermle

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Timing clock movement 132-071

The 132-071 has a platform escapement. This means is it has a balance wheel rather than a pendulum. When adjusting the timing lever it pushes or pulls the hairspring on the balance wheel. This manipulates the speed of the balance wheel oscillations and therefore the speed of the time. It is done with the lever that sticks out of the dial face. If moving the lever more to the plus side, it will speed up time.

Why the need to time the 132-071

This lever or arm sticking out of the dial slot is able to move up or down to adjust the timing. The factory had it keep perfect time when the arm was in the middle of this slot. This is intended to stick straight out in the middle of the slot in the dial, in between the + and - symbols. It would not surprising if this moved some in shipping and have to adjust the timing a little. It may be best to adjust this arm and start in the dead center. If the clock is slow, move the arm slightly to the + and do the opposite if it is running fast.

If the 132-071 will not time

Timing clock movement 132-071 platform balance escapement can sometimes require to go beyond the limit of the dial slot. If it is at the end of its slot and cannot go any further, do the following.

  • The hands get removed to get them out of the way. First the minute hand comes off by holding the hand still and turning the nut to the left. Then the hour hand comes off, twist and pull
  • Remove the screws to take off the dial, it will only be 3-4 flat head screws.
  • Remove the movement by taking out another 3-4 screws.
  • Flip the clock upside down and the movement will fall out into hands.
  • Notice the lever used to manipulate the time, this is the lever that was sticking out of the dial slot.
  • Next move the time lever to where ever it will keep approximate time.
  • Loosen the set screw and move the lever to the middle of the slot area, and then tighten the screw again.
  • Be cautious of during all this is the balance hairspring, this cannot get all bent up or distorted in anyway.
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Edward Yost
2 years ago

Where is the set screw for the 132-071 hermle blance wheel?

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