Urgos Clock Movement Identification

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Urgos clock movement identification

Urgos Clock Movement units have identifications on the back plate of the unit itself. These movements are available new in only the floor clock models such as grandmother and grandfather clocks. This is the more involved way of getting to the correct new unit and takes some figuring out. The other way is just by the movement numbers and is in another section. This section is only for if the first way produces no results. The movement can match up by its attributes instead of the number system that can be tricky.

UW identification explanation

There are times that the Urgos Clock Movement UW number is not on the lists but is still available with a different name. A example being UW66016 is really a UW66018 but with a different name. Or UW32/1 is really a 32319 or even a 32001. This way just gets cuts out the movement numbers all together and gets down to what you need with no numbers involved at all. Again need to mention that this way is only used after the first way failed in some way.

Urgos Logo
Urgos Logo

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Urgos UW03 series clock movement

Urgos clock movement UW series

The movements are separated in series. Each question on the drop down menus are explained in the text below. This will be matching up the movements qualities or attributes to get the new number of the same unit. Not all the conversions are listed in the chart so this is used to narrow down to the correct new unit. If it has not been done already please try the number conversion chart first. That is the fastest, most accurate, and easy to use method for getting a new movement. This information is another way of figuring out what the new Urgos clock movement is now called. The below movements are separated into series such as UW32 and UW03. This series only indicates the outer brass plate size, and this is how it is separated below.

Urgos UW32 Series

Urgos clock movement UW32 Series

A square unit that has on the back plate UW32 and then some other numbers. Disregard what comes after the 32 for this style of identification. -Item UW32

Urgos UW03 Series

Urgos clock movement UW03 Series

A rectangle unit that has on the back plate UW03 and then some other numbers. Disregard what comes after the 32 for this style of identification. - Item UW03

Urgos UW66 Series

Urgos clock movement UW66 Series

A rectangle clock movement made by Urgos clock company. The UW66 series is a cable driven, triple chime unit and they all have a 49mm hands shaft from the front plate and out. They are all consistent in this way however the pendulum length does still vary in options. - Item UW66

1. Chime type

Westminster chime only or the three song options called triple chime are the chime types. The Westminster only with just have chime or silent at the 3 O'clock switch. The triple chime will have a choice of three songs and also silent at the 3 O'clock switch. If no switch at 3 O'clock it is Westminster only automatically.

2. Cable or chain driven

Weights hang from chains or cables. Wound by pulling chains or wound by a crank key on the cable driven units.

3. Hand Shaft Length

This is the measurement of the shaft that the hands go on, from the front plate of the movement and all the way out to the end of the minute hand nut threads. This is in mm but you can convert to inches online if you need too. Just type into a google search mm to in. The options are displayed on each movement series so all you have to do is figure out what mm length yours has that matches.

4. Pendulum length

German units measure the pendulum length from the top of the movement and all the way down. That is all the way down to the bottom of the pendulum nut threads. This measurement is approximate and varies depending on bob diameter. (The bob is the round disk at the bottom of the pendulum). The larger the bob diameter is, the longer the pendulum is.

Pendulum lengths are typically indicated on German made movements by a CM number on the back plate. This measurement is based the length on a bob diameter of 4 1/2 inches / 145mm. When the list says for example 93cm it is referring to the complete pendulum assembly with a 4.5 bob. This includes the leader it hangs on, and also the suspension spring. All three components in one measurement provided in centimeters.

Pendulum Length to CM

  • 27-30 inches, get the 80cm movement
  • 31-34 inches, get the 93cm movement
  • 35-37 inches, get the 100cm movement
  • 38-40 inches, get the 110cm movement
  • 40 plus inches, get the 116cm movement


Plug and play? Almost, but there are some things to do and instructions will be emailed. It is not hard to remove the old unit and put this new one in. After you get the hands and the dial out of the way really there are only two screws underneath that hold the movement in. All the other components such as the weights and pendulum hangs off of this mounted movement. The instructions explain all this anyway and if stuck just call or email clockworks.com. A new movement ready to go in a week for a fraction of the price of an overhaul. German made ready for another 30-40 years of service

The content of this website is copyright by Clockworks and written by James Stoudenmire in year 2020

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Trying to find out what leader I need for grandfather clock with urgos parts the imprint is UW327370 and like to find out how old it is

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