Why a new Mason Sullivan clock movement?

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Why a new Mason Sullivan?

Why a new Mason Sullivan? The reason is a New clock movement will be the same movement you have now but brand new. It is the same movement made in Germany, no knock off units.

The Mason and Sullivan company from MA, built and sold so many clock movements and clock kits, they were able to convince the makers of these units to have there name stamped right on the movements as they were being made. Not long after that they even had there own numbering system put in place instead of the makers numbering system.

Although they are now out of business, the movements were not their own anyway and the movement makers are still around. They had them made by German manufacturers that are still in business and making the same movements. A new movement will last longer than any repair is able to last, factory lubricated and improved upon, less money than a repair, and comes with a warranty.

On the back plate of the clock movement itself, usually on the low right, you will see some markings with an X at the end of the number.

This is if your clock movement has the Mason Sullivan number system only. Even though you purchased your clock from Mason and Sullivan, it does not necessarily mean that the movement will be stamped with the Mason and Sullivan numbering system. If you do not have an X in the number, then it is most likely a Hermle movement and you would need to go to that web page with the product by clicking the number.

It may still say Mason Sullivan on the clock movement, but have a Hermle number system on it.

Either way, its most likely a Hermle movement in disguise. The new unit can ship the same business day if ordered early enough, comes oiled already. It will have its chains or cables and pulleys if its a floor clock movement, comes with instructions and support to install the unit.

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