Why order a new American time strike clock movement replica?

July 21, 2019 1:48 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Time Strike Clock Movement Ordering

Time strike clock movement sold as a replacement for the American made 1920s through 1940s. When an antique clock movement has been serviced so many times or for whatever reason is had lived its life, it can get to the point of having it serviced over and over. Unless the clock maker is a high end professional (like us) it is possible he took all the short cuts he can to just get the job done. What this means is sometimes a clock could use a bushing in a place, but it will be fine for a few years. They have a choice to do it or just move on and get paid. Unfortunately the movement often does not get restored to the point of what is promised. There are many short cuts that could be used instead of diving deep and just doing it the right way.

But even with the best restoration job available to you, the cost would exceed the value of the clock often. When a person just wants the clock to work and does not care about the history or waiting 2-6 months for it to overhauled, it just makes sense to swap it out for one of these replicas and move on with the day. It will cost a fraction of the price of a restoration and be up and running in a week or two instead of up too a year later.

Of course we don’t want to do this unless we have to, as we are erasing history when swapping out an antique Time strike clock movement, but sometimes it just makes a lot more sense.

The movements offered on this page will not be of the same quality material, but they tend to last many years. These movements are tested and oiled and are easy to install.

We always can use parts, so if you choose we can ship this for free and in exchange for your old one for our movement heap. We would ship this to you free with a return label to get your old one to us. Another option is to get the new unit and just keep the old unit in case a relative decides to have the old movement restored at some point.

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