Why Replace – Jauch Clock Movement

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Why Replace - Jauch Clock Movement

Why Replace - Jauch Clock Movement if the movement is still in production it is the best solution all around. The movement will be brand new and ready to run another 30 years without much complaint. The new unit will come already oiled and with instructions. Comes with chains, leader, suspension, so this is everything that comes out with the two screws underneath. Less the dial, weights, chimeblock, pendulum of course, but the movement itself only.

If the clock kept time in the past and has somehow stopped keeping proper time beyond the adjustments of the pendulum, it is time for a new

The new movement is much easier to get parts for. You can upgrade the pendulum to a metal Lyre style if you choose where this is not possible for the Jauch unit.

The movement can be replaced again in another 25-30 years as the conversion movements are still available. If anything were to ever happen to the dial, hands, gong, weights or pendulum, then you can get all this new. It costs less than a repair especially considering a repair would have to be done every 5 to 8 years. A new movement is cheaper than an overhaul, it will last longer, and is faster and easier.

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