Why a New Jauch Clock Movement

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Why a New Jauch Clock Movement

Why get a new Jauch clock movement conversion instead of repairing the old one? The old movement has worked 30 to 40 years with not much complaint. However over time the oil becomes a solid and creates wear on the outer plates. The clock can be cleaned with new bushings installed in these outer plates. But this is time consuming and expensive both so it would end up taking weeks or months to complete. The price would be twice as much as a new movement would cost as well. Even the best repair of the old unit will not be better than the new unit, that would be impossible. So the choice is easy, if the movement is converted to the new one it will cost less and be done fast.

How the new movement comes

Jauch is out of business but clockworks.com offers one by Hermle that is very close to the same. The quality is the same and still made in Germany. The new one will be the same in every way except a few fitting modifications are required. The movement will be brand new and ready to run another 30 years and will come already oiled with instructions. The movement will come with its chains and the hand nut in the front. It will also come with its pendulum leader and the suspension spring at the top. Basically that entire gear meatball that came out of the clock case by removing the two screws from underneath.

Advantages of the new one

The new movement is much easier to get parts for because there is no parts available for Jauch. Because it will now be made by Hermle instead of Jauch there are more options also. You can upgrade the pendulum to a metal Lyre style if you choose where this is not possible for the Jauch unit. The movement can be replaced again in another 25-30 years as the converted movements are still available. If anything were to ever happen to the dial, hands, gong, weights or pendulum, then you can get all this new. It costs less than a repair especially considering a repair would have to be done every 8 years or so. A new movement is less than an overhaul, it will last longer, and is faster and easier.

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