Clock Weight Accessories

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  • Clock Chain for a Floor clock Clock Chain
    These come between 5 and 6 foot lengths. You can chop them smaller to hang your weight shells in the air on the quartz grandfather clock conversion kit. These are solid brass and usually go on a mechanical grand father clock. ...

    QCChain: $14.89

  • Clock Chain Ends Hook and Tab Set Clock Chain Ends Hook and Tab Set
    Hook and ring set for chain driven floor clock models. The chain link only consists of a bent wire that loops around to itself, you only need two needle nose pliers to open the connecting point on the link and install these pieces. One side of the chain gets the hook for the weight, and the other gets the tab so the chain wont flip over into the movement and get jammed. ...

    CP16: $4.89

  • Clock Weight Hook Clock Weight Hook
    Brass top hook for modern German movements such as Hermle / Urgos / Kieninger. Comes either with external threads or internal threads. The M* number is the thread size of the screw/bolt, M4 is 4mm, M5 is 5mm. ...


    WE6: $6.89

  • Cuckoo Hook and Ring for Chain Cuckoo Hook and Ring for Chain
    The hook goes on one end of the chain to hold the weight up in the air. The ring goes on the other side of the same chain so the chain will not travel into the movement and jam up the clock if the clock was not wound up. Sold as one hook and one ring as a set....

    CU15: $4.89

  • Genuine Replacement Cable for Grandfather Clocks Genuine Replacement Cable for Grandfather Clocks
    This is the original factory replacement Clock Weights cable for German clock movements with installed cable ends. The first number is the thickness such as .040 and then the next number is the total length such as 76 Inches....


    WE3: $19.89

  • Polished Clock Weight Cap Polished Clock Weight Cap
    Weight shell end caps are the tops and bottom of the weight casing. This comes for either a 43mm, 47mm shell or a 60mm shell and sold individually. ...


    WE1: $9.89

  • Solid  Brass Clock Pulley SolidBrass Clock Pulley
    German solid brass cable pulley for Hermle / Urgos / Kieninger clock movements. These come in either 1 1/2 inch diameter or 1 3/4 inch diameter....


    WE5: $14.89

  • Tall Case Pulley Tall Case Pulley
    Pulley for the tall case antique clock. This is useful for the cable driven antique clocks for the cable to loop through and the weight to hang on....

    CP41: $19.89