Quartz Conversion

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  • Chiming quartz clock movement with the best sound by clockworks.com #QU40 Chime Pendulum Clock Movement
    When replacing, you will need to measure the post on the old unit, so you can match it up with your new chiming quartz movement. The post is the part that goes through the dial (face) and mounts from the front. ...
    QU40P: $59.89
  • Polished clock weight with shell 47mm Grandfather Clock Weight Shell
    Polished Clock Weight Shell Only - 1 7/8 x 10 11/16 Inch (47 x 272mm) ...
    47mmshell: $39.89
  • Polished clock weight with shell 60mm Clock Weight Shell
    Polished Clock Weight Shell Only - 2 5/16 x 9 5/8 Inch (60 x 245mm) ...
    60mmshell: $49.89
  • Clock Chain for a Floor clock Clock Chain
    These come between 5 and 6 foot lengths. You can chop them smaller to hang your weight shells in the air on the quartz grandfather clock conversion kit. These are solid brass and usually go on a mechanical grand father c ...
    QCChain: $14.89
  • Heavy Duty Pendulum Drive Heavy Duty External Quartz Pendulum Drive
    5 1/2" x 2 5/8" x 2" Heavy Duty External Quartz Pendulum Drive. The strongest battery operated pendulum swinger available. This pendulum swinger is so strong we put the largest metal grandfather clock pendulum on the m ...
    HDPend: $25.89
  • Quartz Conversion Clock Moon Dial Quartz Conversion Grandfather Clock Moon Dial
    A genuine mechanical clock phase of the moon dial, that we modify to accommodate the QU40 quartz movement to fit up to it. This dial must be attached to the wood case by means of drilling four screw holes in the corner a ...
    QCMoon: $99.89
  • Lyre floor clock pendulum Straight Rod Lyre Pendulum
    This 34 inch long lyre pendulum has rods and has a 6 5/8 wide pendulum bob. This is usually sold for Hermle floor clock movements, but works well also with the quartz conversion kit. ...
    Lyre94cm6.5: $129.00
  • Lyre grandfather clock pendulum 114cm 116cm Twisted Rod Lyre Pendulum
    Twisted rod Lyre style grandfather clock pendulum for large Hermle 114cm floor clocks. This is a mechanical clock pendulum than can be used for a quartz conversion also. The pendulum is 44 inches long and the pendulum bo ...
    Lyre114cm10.5: $149.89