Ships Bell Alternatives

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  • Hermle quartz 2114 2214 2115 2215 clock movement replacment Hermle-Quartz-Clock-Movement-Replacement-For-2214-2215-2114-2115
    When replacing, you will need to measure the post on the old unit, so you can match it up with your new chiming quartz movement. The post is the part that goes through the dial (face) and mounts from the front. Keep in ...
    MSO: $64.89
  • #QU30NP Chiming Seiko Quartz Clock Movement #QU30NP Chiming Seiko Quartz Clock Movement
        #QU30 Chiming Seiko Clock Movement   Quality C cell dual chime movement by Seiko. Will play either Westminster or Whittington on the quarter hour. Available in a variety of post lengths, with or with ...
    QU30NP: $49.89
  • NEW 132-071 Ships Bell Clock Movement
    Assistance = 800-381-7458 Selecting the movement The numbers on the back plate of the movement is everything one needs to get a replacement. If the numbers match then the movement matches. If the clock i ...
    132-071: $443.00$503.00