battery pendulum

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  • Time and pendulum quartz clock movement by #QU3 Time and Pendulum Quartz Clock Movement
    When replacing, you will need to measure the post on the old unit, so you can match it up with your new chiming quartz movement. The post is the part that goes through the dial (face) and mounts from the front. Pend ...
    QU3: $20.00
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  • Hermle Quartz Clock Movement Replacement Hermle Quartz Movement Replacement
    Hermle Quartz Clock Movement Replacement Hermle quartz clock movement replacement. These chiming units take two C-cell batteries and play two different songs. Well made German quartz movements that last for a long time ...
    MSO: $65.00
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  • Pendulum for Quartz Pendulum for Quartz
    16 inch long but can be made shorter, it is perforated on the back each inch, just bend and snap off. There are three bob diameters to choose from, the bob is the round disk at the bottom of the pendulum stick. ...
    QM3: $5.00
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