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  • Adjustable Mantle Clock Bob Adjustable Mantle Clock Bob
    This pendulum bob is threaded on the bottom with a rating nut for easy timing of the clock. This can be used on mantle clocks as well as certain wall clocks such as a banjo. Measurement is the diameter of the bob. ...
    PD5: $12.89
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  • Mantle Clock Pendulum Bob Mantle Clock Pendulum Bob
    Mixed Bobs We offer the above clock pendulums bobs with various patterns. These are for mantle movements with the F-S regulator that you can adjust the timing. This is because there is no rating assembly to adjust the ...
    PD10: $8.89
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  • Grape Leaf Pendulum Bob Grape Leaf Pendulum Bob
    Elegant and decorative brass grape leaf pendulum bob. Measures about 3 1/4 inches across in diameter ...
    RC45: $19.89