Clock Repair

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  • Clock Oil With Oiler Clock Oil With Oiler
    Fountain oiler filled with general clock oil. Convenient applicator to get into tough areas. This is the oil you need to lubricate your clock. ...
    CL4: $9.89
  • Clock Cleaning Solution On Pint Concentrate Clock Cleaning Solution On Pint Concentrate
    One pint of concentrated ammoniated clock cleaning solution that can be used to clean movements by hand, or to use with a ultrasonic cleaning machine. Just mix 1 part of this solution to 8 -12 parts of water ...
    CL9: $14.89
  • Hand Remover Puller Hand Remover Puller
    Removes stubborn hands and gears in a straight motion. Sometimes this would be needed to remove the wheel on the back that lifts the bellow lift wires also. ...
    CU30: $9.89
  • Clock Dial Key Hole Grommets Clock Dial Key Hole Grommets
    Dial Grommets x3 Set of three dial key hole grommets. These are what make the key holes pretty where you wind the clock through the dial. ...
    CP32: $4.89
  • Vision Visor Magnification Head Band Vision Visor Magnification Head Band
    This magnifier can be worn over glasses. This fits over the head and will be the most convenient magnification for inspecting important components of the clock movement and parts. This quality tool is made here in USA. D ...
    CT17: $24.89
  • Brass Bristle Clock Cleaning Brush Brass Bristle Clock Cleaning Brush
    Beautiful brass bristle brush which brings bright beauty to big bulky brass plates. This is to be used on stubborn spots of grime, to be used with cleaning solution. ...
    CL15: $4.89
  • Clock Mainspring Clamps Set of 4 Clock Mainspring Clamps Set of 4
    Set of 4 mainspring Clock Tools clamps keep a mainspring in the wound position to keep them under control. Best to get two of these sets for paired sized mainsprings. ...
    CT2: $9.89
  • Loop End Clock Mainspring Loop End Clock Mainspring
    With the mainspring out of the movement, you will need a micrometer and a tape measure. First thing measured is the width, and match it up with the proper section of the chart. After matching the width, see what is the c ...
    LESPRING: $14.89$49.89
  • Clock Chime Hammer Clock Chime Hammer
    Chime Hammer These are to replace missing hammers. Comes in 3 sizes, sold individually. Easy to mount with the included set screw on the end. ...
    CP1: $4.89$9.89
  • Clock Repair Tapered Pins Clock Repair Tapered Pins
    Tapered Pins 100 Brass tapered pins with various diameters. These Clock Parts have many uses in clock repair. They attach some dials, movement plates, suspensions and sometimes hands on the clock. ...
    CP2: $14.89
  • Hole End Clock Mainspring Hole End Clock Mainspring
    Instructions The width is measured first and matched up to the width below, then the thickness is measured with a micrometer, then the approximate length. Choose the item number of that mainspring from the order lis ...
    HEMSP: $9.89$39.89
  • American Hand Nuts American Hand Nuts
    6 American hand nuts. These hand nuts fit the most antique clock movements that are made in the USA. They come mixed in steel and brass colorations. ...
    CP14: $9.89