Cuckoo clock parts

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  • Cuckoo Clock Hand Nuts
    Cuckoo Clock Hand Nuts 12 pack of assorted hand nuts for the front of a cuckoo clock. These hand nuts secure the hands onto the front of the clock face. Often it is hard to figure out which one you need, this 12 pack in ...
    CU20: $14.89
  • Cuckoo Clock Wire Assortment Cuckoo Clock Wire Assortment
    Wire Assortment Includes bellow lifting wires in various lengths, eye hole wires, cuckoo bird door wires and the bird to door wire. These are the proper lengths and bends that are the most commonly needed in a c ...
    CU25: $14.89
  • Cuckoo Bellow Top Epoxy Cuckoo Bellow Top Epoxy
    Cuckoo Epoxy The cuckoo epoxy for bellow top replacement, attaching numerals, or repairing broken wood. ...
    CU27: $4.89
  • Cuckoo Bird Cuckoo Bird
    Cuckoo Bird Three inch cuckoo bird that opens its mouth when the tail is lifted. The cuckoo bird is only installed with a single set screw (included) holding it onto a bent wire rod. Loosen this set screw ...
    CU11: $9.89
  • Cuckoo Head Dressing Clips Cuckoo Head Dressing Clips
    Dressing Clip Mounts This is another form of mounting for the top head dressing. Comes as two clips that get forced into the dressing with the spikes and then the dressing can clip onto the cuckoo roof. ...
    CU24: $4.89
  • Cuckoo Head Dressing Mounts Cuckoo Head Dressing Mounts
    Head Dressing Mounts This is what you will need to mount the head dressing on a cuckoo clock. Its either this or epoxy, this is the better way. These do not come with the head dressing and is a separate purc ...
    CU23: $4.89