Cuckoo Repair

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  • Cuckoo Clock Hands Cuckoo Clock Hands
    Cuckoo white celluloid hands. This is for the modern style cuckoo clocks, post 1950 or so, that have the round hole in the minute hand for the bushing (bushing not included with hands). Although these come in a p ...
    CU10: $4.89
  • Cuckoo Clock Bellow Tops Cuckoo Clock Bellow Tops
    Bellow Tops Bellow tops are the most frequently needed item on a cuckoo clock. These tops come as a pair and get epoxied on the old bottoms just as the old tops were taken off, see the Cuckoo Clock Parts help sec ...
    CU4: $14.89
  • Cuckoo Clock Weight Cuckoo Clock Weight
    Cuckoo Weight One day cuckoo clocks usually take the same amount of weight on each chain. So if your missing a weight or two, just look and the number stamped into your old weight and get this same gram amount fr ...
    CU5: $14.89$34.89
  • Cuckoo Clock Hand Nuts
    Cuckoo Clock Hand Nuts 12 pack of assorted hand nuts for the front of a cuckoo clock. These hand nuts secure the hands onto the front of the clock face. Often it is hard to figure out which one you need, this 12 pack in ...
    CU20: $14.89
  • Cuckoo Hook and Ring for Chain Cuckoo Hook and Ring for Chain
    The hook goes on one end of the chain to hold the weight up in the air. The ring goes on the other side of the same chain so the chain will not travel into the movement and jam up the clock if the clock was not wound ...
    CU15: $4.89
  • Cuckoo Clock Maple Pendulum Cuckoo Clock Maple Pendulum
    Maple Pendulum Maple leaf cuckoo clock pendulums for either one day or eight day clocks. The sizes listed are the size of the maple leaf on the pendulum stick, the stick itself is 7 inches long. The leaf ...
    CU19: $19.89
  • Cuckoo Clock Chain Cuckoo Clock Chain
    Replacement Chain These chains are sold in single 6FT lengths and come in various links per foot (LPF). There are two ways of determining the correct chain, you can count the LPF in the existing chain your trying ...
    CU8: $7.89$14.89
  • Cuckoo Clock Wire Assortment Cuckoo Clock Wire Assortment
    Wire Assortment Includes bellow lifting wires in various lengths, eye hole wires, cuckoo bird door wires and the bird to door wire. These are the proper lengths and bends that are the most commonly needed in a c ...
    CU25: $14.89
  • Cuckoo Bellow Top Epoxy Cuckoo Bellow Top Epoxy
    Cuckoo Epoxy The cuckoo epoxy for bellow top replacement, attaching numerals, or repairing broken wood. ...
    CU27: $4.89
  • Cuckoo Clock Numeral Set Cuckoo Clock Numeral Set
    Cuckoo Numerals Celluloid plastic numerals than can be epoxied to the cuckoo dial to replace missing numerals. Comes as one set of Roman numerals from one to twelve. The numerals are measured from top to b ...
    CU12: $4.89
  • Cuckoo Clock Pendulum Oak Style Cuckoo Clock Pendulum Oak Style
    Oak Pendulum A hand carved Oak Leaf Pendulum for hunter or oak themed cuckoo clocks. The rod that the leaf is on is 7 inches long and the leaf slides up or down on this rod to adjust the time keeping. The lar ...
    CU18: $19.89$24.89
  • Side Opening Clock Bellows with Tubes Side Opening Clock Bellows with Tubes
    Side Opening Bellows Bellow top flaps will open the along side of the clock case toward the front of the clock. Sold as a pair. Bellow tops are 2 1/4 x 1 1/4 pre-attached to the tubes. Size is the length of the tub ...
    CU2: $24.89