hermle hands

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  • Hermle german mechanical spade hands Spade Clock Hands For German
    These are to fit most German mechanical clock movements. The hands are measured by the time track diameter (just outside the numerals, for example outside of the 9 to outside of the 6), the minute hand length will be ...
    CH1: $14.89$19.89
  • Second Hand for Grandfather Clocks Second Hand for Grandfather Clocks
    Second hand sweep for a mechanical floor clock with the second hand option. Please choose the movement number that is on the back plate of the brass movement itself for the correct second hand to be shipped. Hand Fix to ...
    CH13A: $9.89
  • Hermle maltese mechanical spade hands German Maltese Hands
    For Hermle mechanical movements as well as Urgos. 5' Dial diameter only. Hand Fix to Chime Spot Make the minute hand point to the right spot, when the clock chimed. This is easy, just take off the minute hand and bring ...
    CH12: $14.89
  • German Tapered Hands German Tapered Hands
    Metallic chrome tapered hands for a 14' time track. Minute hand is 7' from the center of the hole to the end. These hands are metalic chrome tone, not flat silver like the picture. These fit most German movements. The mi ...
    CH4: $14.89