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  • Cuckoo Clock Weight Cuckoo Clock Weight
    Cuckoo Weight One day cuckoo clocks usually take the same amount of weight on each chain. So if your missing a weight or two, just look and the number stamped into your old weight and get this same gram amount fr ...
    CU5: $14.89$34.89
  • Polished Clock Weight Polished Clock Weight
    Complete clock weight in polished Brass tone or dark antiqued brass tone, Comes with top and bottom caps, hardware and lead center filler. ...
    WEIGHT: $64.89$124.89
  • Polished Clock Weight Shell Only Polished Clock Weight Shell Only
    Polished clock weight shell. No lead filler, just the new outer shell, the rod in the middle, the two caps and the hook on the top and the nut on the bottom. ...
    WSHELL: $39.89$49.89
  • Polished Clock Weight Cap Polished Clock Weight Cap
    Weight shell end caps are the tops and bottom of the weight casing. This comes for either a 43mm, 47mm shell or a 60mm shell and sold individually. ...
    WE1: $9.89