Clock Repair File Assortment

Clock Repair File Assortment

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Clock Repair File Assortment

Set of 12 needle files Clock Tools for various uses in clock repair. An assortment of shapes to use on a variety of clock repair tasks. File and shape bent teeth on a wheel to a clock or to fix any distortion.

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File Assortment

A Clock Repair File Assortment that is a set of 12 needle files. These clock tools have various uses in clock repair. The assortment of shapes allows for a variety of uses in clock repair tasks. These can be useful to file and shape bent teeth on a wheel or if there is any distortion.

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Weight0.188 lbs
Dimensions1 × 6 × 8 in

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Steph Richardson
Steph Richardson
9 months ago
Rating :

Very happy with this purchase!