Hermle 1161 Movement Parts Front Diagram

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Hermle clock movement parts. New parts for the 1161 clock movement for servicing the clock.

1161 Parts Front: $4.89$39.89
ID Letter Part Name Description New / Used Price
A Suspension Post For the 1161-853 unit, this is the post the suspension spring hangs on with its A frame New $20.00
B Hammer Sold Individually, with screw and tip New $5.00
C Front Plate Front plate of the movement approximately 6x9 New $40.00
D Chime Cam Controls the time duration of the chiming sequence New $10.00
E Strike Rack The teeth on the saw part controls the quantity of the hourly strikes New $10.00
F Hour Snail Snail portion and the hour hand tube its connected to, for the 1161-853 New $15.00
G Winding Arbor One size for all 1161, comes with its stop works wheel and bracket New $10.00
H Selector Arm Controls the song played or puts it into silent mode New $10.00
I Weight Cable Clock Cable with Ends - Hermle .040 Thick 105 inch length New $12.00
J Weight Pulley The wheel the hangs from the cable, that the weight hangs on each New $10.00

Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Letter ID

A = Suspension Post, B = Hammer, C = Front Plate, D = Chime Cam, E = Strike Rack, F = Hour Snail, G = Winding Arbor, H = Selector Arm, I = Weight Cable, J = Weight Pulley

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