Hermle 1161 Movement Parts Front Diagram

Hermle 1161 Movement Parts Front Diagram

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Hermle 1161 Movement Parts Front Diagram

Hermle clock movement parts. New parts for the 1161 clock movement for servicing the clock.

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1161 Parts Front: $5.00$100.00
ID LetterPart NameDescriptionNew / UsedPrice
ASuspension PostFor the 1161-853 unit, this is the post the suspension spring hangs on with its A frameNew
BHammerSold Individually, with screw and tipNew
CFront PlateFront plate of the movement approximately 6x9New
DChime CamControls the time duration of the chiming sequenceNew
EStrike RackThe teeth on the saw part controls the quantity of the hourly strikesNew
FHour SnailSnail portion and the hour hand tube its connected to, for the 1161-853New
GWinding ArborOne size for all 1161, comes with its stop works wheel and bracketNew
HSelector ArmControls the song played or puts it into silent modeNew
IWeight CableClock Cable with Ends - Hermle .040 Thick 105 inch lengthNew
JWeight PulleyThe wheel the hangs from the cable, that the weight hangs on eachNew

Additional information

Weight0.25 lbs
Letter ID

A = Suspension Post, B = Hammer, C = Front Plate, D = Chime Cam, E = Strike Rack, F = Hour Snail, G = Winding Arbor, H = Selector Arm, I = Weight Cable, J = Weight Pulley

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10 days ago

I need a replacement rack and snail for a 2005 (R) Hermle 1151-053 H SK movement.

Mark Coil
Mark Coil
2 months ago

I recently bought a Ridgeway clock with a Hermle 1161-853 movement that works great except for the winding of the strike. The strike can be wound all the way up to the frame and the strike works perfectly, but when the weight gets about 2.5 inches below the frame, the strike stops working. So essentially the strike has to be wound daily. I’ve checked that the cable is neatly wound around the drum, with no overlaps or kinks.
Is there some kind of stop that was supposed to prevent the strike from being overwound, that was perhaps forced to move to the wrong side of that stop?

1 year ago
Rating :

This page was very helpful thanks.

Stephanie Stoudenmire
Reply to  Jacob

No problem. Thank you for choosing Clockworks!

Bruce Hanks
Bruce Hanks
4 years ago

need selector arm attachment that goes 90 degrees to the clock through a hole in the dial for hermle 1161 to switch chimes