Hermle 340-341 Clock Movement Parts Back Diagram


Hermle clock movement parts. New parts for the 340 / 341 clock movement for servicing the clock.

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340 Parts Back: $10.00$95.00
ID LetterPart NameDescription
ABalanceNew Style Balance
BChime FlyThe fan on the top of the chime side
CRear Chime Wheel TopThe upper chime wheel on the back of the movement
DChime BarrelChime side barrel with installed mainspring and cap
ELower Chime Wheel BacksideThe lower back side chime wheel
FBack PlateThe back plate of the movement for the 340 - 341 series
GStrike 3rd wheelThe strike side 3rd wheel up in the gear train
HStrike 2nd wheelThe strike side 2nd wheel up in the gear train
IStrike BarrelThe strike side barrel with mainspring in it
JRear hammer platehammer assembly plate that holds the hammers
KTime barrel with mainspringThe center time barrel with mainspring installed

Additional information

Weight0.3 lbs
Letter ID

A = Balance, B = Chime Fly, C = Rear Chime Wheel Top, D = Chime Barrel, E = Lower Chime Wheel Backside, F = Back Plate, G = Strike 3rd wheel, H = Strike 2nd wheel, I = Strike Barrel, J = Rear hammer plate, K = Time barrel with mainspring

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