Hermle 340-341 Clock Movement Parts Back Diagram

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Hermle clock movement parts. New parts for the 340 / 341 clock movement for servicing the clock.

340 Parts Back: $10.00$75.00
ID Letter Part Name Description New / Used
A Balance New Style Balance New
B Chime Fly The fan on the top of the chime side New
C Rear Chime Wheel Top The upper chime wheel on the back of the movement New
D Chime Barrel Chime side barrel with installed mainspring and cap New
E Lower Chime Wheel Backside The lower back side chime wheel New
F Back Plate The back plate of the movement for the 340 - 341 series New
G Strike 3rd wheel The strike side 3rd wheel up in the gear train New
H Strike 2nd wheel The strike side 2nd wheel up in the gear train New
I Strike Barrel The strike side barrel with mainspring in it New
J Rear hammer plate hammer assembly plate that holds the hammers New
K Time barrel with mainspring The center time barrel with mainspring installed New

Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Letter ID

A = Balance, B = Chime Fly, C = Rear Chime Wheel Top, D = Chime Barrel, E = Lower Chime Wheel Backside, F = Back Plate, G = Strike 3rd wheel, H = Strike 2nd wheel, I = Strike Barrel, J = Rear hammer plate, K = Time barrel with mainspring

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