New Quartz Chiming Movement
New Quartz Chiming Movement
New Quartz Chiming Movement
Hermle Quartz Clock Movement Replacement

Hermle Quartz Movement Replacement



Hermle Quartz Clock Movement Replacement

Replacement movements for the German made Hermle quartz, . These chiming units take two C-cell batteries and play two different songs. Well made quartz movements that last for a long time. The old units seem to give up the ghost during daylight savings when they do die.

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Chiming Quartz Instructions

Hermle Quartz Clock Movement Removal Instructions

Hermle quartz clock movement replacement. These chiming units take two C-cell batteries and play two different songs. These are well made quartz movements that last for a long time. Most of the old units seem to give up the ghost during the change of daylight savings when they do finally stop working.

Hermle Quartz Clock Movement Replacement

Assistance = 800-381-7458

Clock Dial

Dial Thickness

  • 1/16 inch thick
  • 3/16 inch thick
  • 5/16 inch thick
  • 9/16 inch thick
  • 3/4 inch thick

Needs this Post Size

  • 3/16"
  • 5/16"
  • 7/16"
  • 11/16"
  • 15/16"

New Quartz Clock Movement Particulars

Clock Dial

About the movement

The MSO quartz movement has step motion timekeeping accuracy and includes a time setting knob on the back of the unit which is useful if the hands are not easily accessible from the front. Additionally, there is a knob on the back to control the volume. The base unit is 4 5/8W (117mm) x 5 1/4T (149mm) x 1 1/4D (32mm) without the hand shaft. It would require 4 3/4W (121mm) x 5 7/8T (133mm) x 1 1/2D (38mm) area to run right.

Although this is a pendulum unit it can run with or without the pendulum. The pendulum motion does not have anything to do with the timekeeping on this unit. Another thing to keep in mind is that the clock hands are sold separately.

About the chimes

This unit will play either Westminster or Ave Maria with premium sound quality. It is quite possible this is the only quartz movement that plays Ave Maria on the market at this point. Additionally, it also has the ability to play the chime every quarter hour or only on the top of the hour.

Please note that the clock chime may take an hour to correct itself, when using the hand setting knob. Of course the sound is premium as it has a larger external speaker that mounts anywhere in the clock case with just two small wood screws.

The strike count at the top of the hour can be set by the button on the back of the unit. It will advance the strike count one hour each time the button is pressed. Doing this will not move the hands.

About the hands

The MSO quartz unit uses any of the low torque quartz hands that Clockworks has to offer. If replacing a Hermle quartz unit, new hands also need to be bought for the new unit as the old ones will no longer fit.

It is possible to use a needle file to make the old hands fit the new unit. However it is best to just get the new hands with it just in case. This unit will take a second hand but it is optional. Clockworks offers the hands for this unit below.

About the pendulum

Overall, the pendulum that is offered is 16 inches. However, it has segments at every inch, so measure what is needed, bend it and snap it off. Similarly, the pendulum has three bob diameter options to choose from.

The bob is the round disk at the bottom of the pendulum rod. Please note, although this is a pendulum unit, it can run with or without the pendulum. If the pendulum is not needed lock the pendulum swinger to one side. The pendulum and bob are sold separately.

About the post lengths

The movement has threads on the post and comes in two lengths. This is the fat part with the threads that takes the hex nut. The length of the threads is what we measure to get the post length.

Do not count the part that the hands go onto in the measurement. The post lengths available for this unit is either 5/16 long or 9/16 long. The posts are all 5/16 wide, and fit into a ⅜ dial hole.

Hermle Quartz Clock Movement Removal Instructions

Getting to the dial and hands

There are many clock case designs and styles so this is difficult to give an exact procedure. Sometimes it is very easy to get to the dial and hands. Other times the dial has glass over it and may require to figure out how the clock case was put together.

Of course, may have to remove some screws, or if there is a bezel the bezel tabs may need to be bent to get it to come off. Once at the point where the hands can be removed and also the back of the quartz unit, good to start replacing the unit.

Removing the clock hands

If there is a second hand on the clock, grab it with fingers and pull it straight off of the clock. Hold the minute hand still as turning the nut to the left with needle nose pliers to remove the nut and the hand. Next is the hour hand, this is only a friction fit, twist and pull off.

Removing a Hermle Quartz Movement

First thing to do when replacing a Hermle quartz clock movement is to get the old unit out of the clock case. Remove the hands and then the nut with the double slots under the hands. This nut turns to the left to unscrew, but it is not easy to do sometimes.

A clock maker will have a special tool for these units only, but the customer is left to use two flat screwdrivers to do it. It is easy to slip and scratch the dial when doing this.

Use a flathead screwdriver on both sides of the nut and turn them both at once to the left. The nut will come off and the movement will fall out from the back side.

New Quartz Clock Movement Installation Instructions

  1. Place hanger on post (optional)
  2. Place black washer on post (optional)
  3. Put post through the clock dial face
  4. Slide the brass washer onto the post of the movement that is sticking out of the clock dial face
  5. Put hex nut on post and tighten to hold movement to the back of the clock face.

    Quartz hands installation

  1. Push hour hand onto the post as far down as it will go without touching the clock face.
  2. Put the minute hand on the post
  3. If using a second hand, skip to step 9 otherwise screw the cap nut on and it is done
  4. If using a second hand, screw the small nut on top of minute hand then push the second hand onto the pin in the center.
  5. Now done installing the brand new quartz clock movement !


  • Westminster or Ave Maria
  • Quarterly or Hourly Chime
  • Volume Control
  • Second Hand Option
  • Pendulum Option
  • Takes Two C Cell Batteries


  1. Connect the speaker wire.
  2. Install two C-cell batteries, plus side up.
  3. Turn set knob until it strikes the hours.
  4. Put the hands on, pointing to that hour.
  5. Never turn the minute hand backwards.
  6. Choose the chime options.

Making it chime on time

Make the clock chime and count how many times it strikes. Then take off the hands and put them back on to display the number of strikes. In other words, if there were 3 strikes put the hands on to point to 3 o'clock.

If the clock minute hand will not point exactly to the 12, do this. Find the circle setting knob on the back of the movement and hold this still with the fingers so it will not move. At the same time, point the minute hand to the 12. Then let go of both.

Additional information
Weight1 lbs
Threaded Post Length

5/16" Threads for 3/16" Thick Dials, 9/16" Threads for 3/8" Thick Dials

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John Deland
22 days ago

Is there a quartz movement that can replace the Hermle movement and run the original pendulum?

Jen Condodina
Jen Condodina
4 months ago

Hi. I have a 12 inch round nautical wall clock that needs a better replacement pack. It is a single battery here 2100 quartz battery

Michael E
Michael E
6 months ago

Greetings: I need an extra long clock shaft for a battery operated pendulum with chime. Is there a 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 inch shaft available? I see that 1 1/4 ” is common. Thank you

Joe Hirsch
Joe Hirsch
7 months ago

Hello James. I purchased a replacement QU40 chime pendulum from you. The clock is together and at the strike of 3 PM it rang seven times. How do I sync these two together?

9 months ago

I have a 10-15 year old Howard Miller clock that appears to have this same movement. It has started missing the hour chimes – sometimes not ringing at all, sometimes only ringing once or twice but occasionally ringing an entire hour chime correctly (even 12:00!). Appears to be quite random. The quarter hour chime is always correct. I’m a bit dumfounded how an electronic item can be this random. Any suggestions on what I might try before sinking the cost of an entire new movement? Thanks! – h

Steve Yeager
Steve Yeager
9 months ago

I am looking for a quartz movement with a 1″ shaft that chimes for a tall case clock. A pendulum is not needed. Is there such a movement.

John Long
John Long
10 months ago

I just replaced a quartz clockwork in a banjo clock w/ a Q30 from you. Clock & chime work fine but the new works will not swing the pendulum while the old 2-battery version did. The pendulum is 23” long but the bob is very light. Any suggestions?

1 year ago

I have a Hermle 2114 quartz clock movement that has died, and wish to replace it. Your unit sounds ideal, but the hands may be a problem. The minute hand is 1,75 inches long and has a flattened 3.5mm hole 2,8mm between flats, while the hour hand is 1,4 inches long, and has a 5mm hole. Please advise.

Anita Marie Quenneville
Anita Marie Quenneville
1 year ago

the hands will not move, everything else work, chimes…/

Carla Nina Ebarb
Carla Nina Ebarb
1 year ago

Can I order a replacement pendulum, the16″?

2 years ago

Pendulum still swings. Chimes still chime. Did I break it when I set it backwards or can it be fixed?

Donna Sorn
Donna Sorn
2 years ago

Mine doesn’t have a pendulum. It’s the size of a grandfather clock, but no pendulum. I just need the battery compartment replaced. I don’t even mind if the chiming doesn’t work, Its a beautiful clock, and I just want the clock working.

Peter Hargraves
Peter Hargraves
2 years ago

My old pendulum with a harp (very nice looking) is a little heavier than the pendulum that you sent with the MSO Quartz movement. The new clock works great ….. but, the momentum from the weight of my pendulum causes the bob to ‘tick’ the case of the wall clock; this does not happen with the lighter pendulum that you supplied with the movement. I raised the bob with the adjusting screw and this helped the situation, but it still barely touches the case on the swing. Do you have any suggestions for fixing this situation?

Gary Berman
2 years ago

Do these Hermle Quartz Clock Movement come in a cuckoo version?