Quartz Clock Second Hands

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Quartz Clock Second Hands

Second hands come in black, gold, or red. They are measured from the mounting post to the end. These will fit the AA battery units and also the Cell Super Torque units. However they do not come extremely long, and the C cell Super Torque is not made to run an extremely long second hands anyway. Only the hour and minute hands can be long on these units.

Second Hand Installation

Quartz clock second hands have a hollow tube to mount it on the movement. This hollow tube mounts onto the pin that is inside the tip of the movement. In other words, the mount is by friction fit onto the quartz clock movement. Install the second hand by placing the tube over the pin in the hand shaft and push down. If the hand cannot make the uphand swing from 6 o'clock to 12 o'clock on the dial, the tube may need tightening so the fit is tighter. Likewise, if the second hand just flops down as soon as it is on the pin, then tighten it in the same manner.

Second Hand Tightening

This is not the usual situation, but it does happen. The tube on the Quartz clock second hand is split so tightening it to achieve a better friction fit is easy. Squeeze the tube slightly with needle nose pliers and it will be tight again. Remount the hand as before and it should climb the hill no problem. Alternately, sometimes the tube will not go onto the pin at all because the tube split is too close. Open the tube slightly on the Quartz clock second Hand, or push a little harder, and it will go onto the pin.

Performance Options

There are two types of quartz movements that run these hands. The first type are step motion movements. Step motion movements have Quartz clock second hands that jump from one second to the next. Each second is visible because the second hand bounces as each second goes by. Even though the second hand bounces, they do not make a loud tick tock sound as one might think. In fact, most people say they cannot hear it at all unless their ear is right up against it. The second type are sweep motion movements. Sweep motion movements have a second hand that scrolls smoothly around the dial. There is no jumping of the hand as it goes around. The M7 battery units from Clockworks are continuous sweep, our Super Torque units are step motion.

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