How do I make the mechanical clock chime?

May 7, 2019 8:31 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

How do I make the clock chime?

  • A. Turn the minute hand forward in time, but go slower when near the quarter, let it pass the quarter and stop.
  • B. Now see if it chimes. If does not chime goto the next one and see if it chimes. If it does not chime goto next and do this for a full revolution or hour.
  • C. Did it chime? If not turn the lever if there is one off of silence. See if there is something rubbing the chains and be sure the chains are going straight down and not rubbing the seatboard. Be sure the hammers are not rubbing the back of the clock case or stuck some how. Be sure the heaviest weight is on this side, that is the chime side (your right as you face the clock). If this is a auto night feature make sure is off when doing this.