How do I set the hands on the grandmother clock?

May 7, 2019 8:34 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

5. How do I set the hands on the grandmother clock?

  • A. Make the minute hand point to the right spot, when the clock chimed. This is easy, just take off the minute hand and bring it to your garage. When your in your garage with the minute hand take some pliers and turn the bushing that is inside the hand itself. Walk back to the clock and put the minute hand on and see if its now pointing closer to the quarters when chimes.
  • B. Set to time. Turn the minute hand to make it chime through and strike out the top of the hour. As you do this count the strikes, so you know what hour it wants it to be. Now we know what time the clock thinks it is. If was 6 times, point the hour hand to the 6 and take off the minute hand completely and reinstall it at the 12 oclock mark, if its not already pointed there.
  • C. Now you can turn the minute hand either forward or backward to whatever time it is. If the chimes are screwed up after you do this, it will correct itself in hour or less.