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    turned_in_out Grandmother Clock Kits

    Triple-chime GrandMother Clock Kit GMKIT2

    This quality Triple-chime Grandmother Clock Kit has a Triple-chime chime movement that it progressively at the quarter hours. Then it will strike out the hourly count when its done with the chime.

    GMKIT2: $1,250.00
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    turned_in_out Grandfather Clock Kits

    White Moon Dial Grandfather Clock Kit

    White moon dial grandfather clock kit's minimum case requirements are 8" deep, 12" wide, 52" tall. Any smaller clock case and this kit will not work. The German made clock movement is triple chime and cable driven with an 8 day run time.

    GFKIT5: $1,600.00
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    turned_in_out Mechanical to Quartz Conversion

    Quartz Clock Chain Decoration

    These come between 5 and 6 foot lengths. You can chop them smaller to hang your weight shells in the air on the quartz grandfather clock conversion kit. These are solid brass and usually go on a mechanical grand father clock.

    QCChain: $15.00
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    Thank you so much for your fast reply. The fix worked perfectly. I can't believe I have been living with a clock chiming 10 minutes early for 2 months. Thank you again Gregg Viscomi My clock is up and running now. Thank you for the fast service. Kevin Miller Just to let you order came today and I've fitted... View Product

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