How Do I Return/Exchange a part?

If you ordered the wrong item, or you are dissatisfied with the product for any reason, please send it back to us with a note and we will be happy to exchange it for you. Sometimes we get things back with no note, and we do not know what to do with it, so please be sure to include a note with your contact information.

You do not need an RMA number to send items back to us. A note in the box is sufficient.

Any items that are returned for credit will incur a 15% restocking fee on the product total. Items that are being exchanged will not incur this restocking fee.

There are no refunds on shipping since we did send the item to you.

We do not offer return shipping reimbursement regardless of the party at fault.

No merchandise may be returned after 30 days.

There are NO REFUNDS on mechanical clock movements that have been regeared. This is because the movement has been taken apart, different gears installed, and then put back together to work for a non-standard pendulum length. We cannot resell these types of movements so a repair would be your only option. This is also the case if the movement has been modified or altered in any other way, besides the normal installation procedures (i.e. bending the hammers to hit the chime rods). This will be an automatic repair.

PLEASE NOTE: When shipping back a movement to us please follow these instructions:

  1. Place the movement in a plastic bag and tape it closed.
  2. Place the movement in a box with the handshaft facing up.
  3. Use packing peanuts, or similar material, to cushion the movement. This is why the movement needs to be in a bag – peanuts will get stuck within the gears of the movement and often break into tiny pieces thus making the movement unusable.
  4. Tape up the box.
  5. Take that box and place it in another box, for extra protection in transit, and fill with packing peanuts. Tape securely and ship.

How should I Ship Back My Return?

Once you have the item/s packaged up with a note stating the problem, choose one of the following methods to send it to us.

If you are shipping back items via USPS:

PO Box 339
Huntington, MA 01050

If you are shipping items back via UPS/FEDEX:

9 Pine St
Huntington, MA 01050

Please Note: We do not offer return shipping reimbursement regardless of the party at fault.