BimBam Clock Instructions

The quartz pendulum movement with mechanical “bim bam” is one of the easiest to operate on the market today. This movement comes with an adjustable pendulum, but can also be operated without the pendulum. To use the movement with a pendulum, just slide the black plastic pendulum hanger towards the right and it will snap out of the secure shipping position. If you plan to use this movement without a pendulum, just leave the black plastic pendulum hanger in the shipping position.

Installing the Bim Bam Movement:

  1. Slide the shaft on the front of the movement through the hole at the center of your clock dial.
  2. Slide the brass washer over the shaft and secure in place with the brass hex nut, do not over tighten.
  3. For a more secure installation and to help increase the volume, you can use two of your own small screws to put through the metal plate behind the chime rods and into the wood backing of your clock dial.
Bim Bam Clock Movement Instructions

Setting the Bim Bam Movement:

  1. Remove and discard the piece of foam rubber that keeps the hammers from hitting the strike rods, this protects the movement during shipping.
  2. Install one fresh “D” cell battery. Please be sure that the positive end of the battery is pointing as indicated in the battery well.
  3. Move the “bim bam” on/off switch located above the battery well to the “on” position.
  4. Use the minute hand (the longer of the two hands) as a “wrench” to turn the minute hand shaft in the clockwise direction until you hear the hammers striking the rods. Each hammer will strike each rod once at the half hour and each hammer will strike each rod once for every hour on the hour.
  5. Count how many times the movement strikes “bim bam” on the hour. For example, if the movement strikes “bim bam”, “bim bam”, “bim bam”, then you know that the movement is set at 3:00.
  6. Press the hour hand (the smaller of the two hands) onto the movement in a position corresponding with the number of times the movement has struck the “bim bam”.
  7. Press the minute hand onto the movement in the 12:00 position and secure in place with the small brass cap nut.
  8. Use the minute hand to advance the time to the correct time. Always move the minute hand in a clockwise direction. Be sure to stop at each half hour and each hour to let the strike sequence play.