Order Changes/Cancellation

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Order Changes/Cancellation

This company processes all incoming orders immediately upon receipt. Thus, we cannot guarantee the ability to cancel or change an order once the customer submits it. In the event a cancellation or change needs to be made, send an email with the subject line ORDER CHANGE/CANCELLATION and we will do our best to accommodate the request.

In the event an order ships that the customer wants to cancel, do not open the package. Mark it RTS (Return to Sender). A refund for the products will be given, however the shipping cost will not. NOTE: If you open the package, we will treat it as a return. All returns incur a 15% restocking fee. We also do not refund shipping charges.

Subsequently, if an order change ships, the customer will have two options for a resolution. The first option is to return the item with a note stating what you need AND a check to cover shipping. This amount would be equally the same as what was paid on the original order. Additionally, if you do not include a check in the request, the replacement will not be sent. The second option would be for the customer to purchase the correct item and keep what was already sent in the original order.

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