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Hermle Clock Movements

Hermle clock movements include these clock parts, the cables and pulleys, or chains, the leader, and suspension spring. This is everything that comes out when you remove the two screws that are under the clock movement, besides the dial and weights. Once the hands and the clock dial are out of the way (instructions are sent via email) it's only a matter of removing the two screws from underneath. The new clock movement can then be put in by someone with experience in 10 or 15 minutes. A person with no experience will take longer, but the point is that it isn't hard to do. This is definitely a new clock movement benefit. There are some instances where a clock case was made in an annoying way that makes it more difficult, but for clock movements that were in a mass production this is not the situation. This relates more to a few individual clockmakers who's design of the case makes it more tricky to get the new clock movement in or out. A new clock movement is typically less than half the cost of an overhaul. It will also be on its way to the customer instantly instead of months later. A new clock movement will last the longest of any other choice.
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Hermle Clock Movement

Urgos Clock Movements

Urgos clock movements are still available if the clock takes three weights. The others are no longer available so we offer conversion kits that can be used. A new clock movement is a factory fresh restart. The clock will be like it was originally when it was purchased from the store. The new clock movement will be made by the same people, with the same machines, and the clock movement is the same. It is not a close replica or made somewhere else besides Germany. It is the same movement. Not a knock off or replica. So wouldn't it make sense to get the new clock movement instead of chasing the old? The choice is clear and obvious. The new movement will cost a fraction of the price and the clock is up and running in no time.
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Urgos Clock Movement

Kieninger Clock Movements

Get the movement needed while supplies last. Every time the movement needs to have work done on it or needs bushings, it will last less and less time before it needs attention again. A new movement will out last any repair and would cost a fraction of the price. The repair process is expensive because it takes time to separate the plates, remove all the gears, do the necessary work, and then put them all back together again. This process may need to be redone if not perfect the first time. The turn around time to complete an overhaul on a clock movement could be anywhere from 1 to 3 months, and in some extreme cases, a year. It is a slow moving venture that costs twice as much as a new movement would. If a new clock movement is not available, then this is the best, and only, way to handle a clock repair.
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Kieninger Clock Movement

Quartz Time Only

The robust and compact mini quartz movement fits in small spaces but are strong enough to run long hands. Used for creating clocks or to replace existing units in clock repair. Please select the post length when ordering a new quartz clock movement. Of course, when doing quartz clock movement measuring, remember the post will need to be able to go through the thickness of the dial face. The dial may or may not have a wood backing to it. With a wood backing the clock dial or face would be thicker and thus would need a longer post. Clockworks offers multiple post lengths on quartz clock movements for this reason. In other words, the post has to be long enough to go through whatever thickness we are calling the dial.
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Quartz Clock Movement

Chime / Pendulum Quartz

Chiming quartz movements that play Westminster or other chime options. Some have an ANSO feature that will not play at night. These Chiming quartz movements will run a light weight pendulum that is 16 inches at its longest length. The back of the pendulum rod has notches in one inch increments up the rod. So all that is required is to bend and snap it off at the desired length. Of course the pendulum comes with its round pendulum bob for the bottom swinging portion. Also, the pendulum bobs are available in three diameters so you have the perfect fit for you clock. Please note: The pendulum and bob are sold separately. They do not come with the movement.
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Quartz Chiming Clock Movement

Quartz Clock Inserts

A clock insert is a complete clock that fits into a hole by friction fit only. It is the easiest component to work with for anyone who is interested in being a clock hobbyist. All you have to do is have a hole in something to make a clock out of it. In other words, drill a hole into any object and just push the clock insert into it. The clock insert alone will be too loose of a fit so there is a rubber ring on the back side to fill the gap. Sometimes the rings will break or get lost and a simple solution is a rubber band. Slide a rubber band on the backside of the insert and you are good to go! It ends up being a nice fit with some tolerance in the hole diameter requirement.
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These are complete clocks that fit into a hole. It is the easiest component to utilize in the clock making hobby world. All you have to do is have a hole in something to make a clock out of it.
Battery Insert Clock Parts

Mechanical Clock Kits

Mechanical Clock Kits are sold as the complete clock without the wooden clock case. Create the style clock case wanted and install one of these fine mechanical clock kits for a finished project.
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Clock Kit Movement

Cuckoo Clock Parts

The most common Cuckoo repair parts sold is the bellow tops and the hands. The bellow tubes are usually good to reuse on the clock, just the bellow tops have cloth that rip over time and therefore the clock will not cuckoo out the time. If the movement is worn out and is post 1950 it's just as well to get the new one instead of restoring the old one. The process of the movement restoration is time consuming and therefore expensive. When the new movement is 100-200 dollars it will last a lot longer than the best restoration.
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Cuckoo Clock Parts

Anniversary Clock parts

Anniversary clocks are also called 400 day clocks because they are usually wound once a year on a holiday such as an anniversary. The suspension spring on the clock needs to be replaced if it's kinked or distorted. Suspension springs are the part on the back of the clock that supports the pendulum balls in the air. This is almost always the first issue to deal with to get the clock running. So this happens when someone is not familiar with the clock and they move it from here to there with the pendulum getting knocked around and the suspension spring gets twisted and kinked.
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Cuckoo Clock Parts

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